How to find the perfect match for your skintone

Finding the right color to match your skin can be a drag! Not to mention that most good foundations that have any lasting power cost somewhere around $40-60/€40-50. Since I just spent a week in Egypt doing nothing but sunbathing (I'm not a very traditional Asian because I think being tan is OK and I like my monolids too!), my skin color is now probably two shades darker than before. So I decided to share a few tips. I hope it helps! :)

I'm Asian, therefore I have golden-olive skin tone, NC30 (without tan) to somewhere probably NC45 (with tan). If a base has any red in it at all, I'm going to look like a pink piggy whereas if it's too light, I'll be grey as a ghost. Usually one's natural hair color is a good indicator. Red haired have really fair skin (that doesn't tan and burns easily), blondes have a light skin color, brunettes are light-medium (and tend to tan somewhat easily). 

My absolute favorite base is Everyday Minerals. They have different bases for different types of skin (dry/normal/oily) and their color range is amazing! Not to mention how long their mineral makeup lasts! First off, it stays pretty even after 12 hours. Second, I'm still using the same jar as I bought four years ago! I've also tried Lily Lolo but didn't find a match for my skin. This was approximately 4 years back so I'm not sure if they've added new shades after that. I find their base to be a bit drier than EM so it's more difficult to spread evenly, especially during the winter times. Finnish winter is pretty hardcore! Other reasons why I prefer mineral base to a liquid one is that it doesn't break me out and suits both my dry cheeks and oily t-area. 
My dog likes my brushes...
Liquid foundations, on the other hand, tend to emphasize my dry skin. Besides, during the winter time it's better not to use water based foundations that don't have any oil or waxes in it because it freezes your skin when you go outside. Therefore, drying it even more. If you get dry patches with mineral foundation too, you can spray your skin with face toner but make sure it has enough time to absorb and evaporate before you go outside to avoid freezing.

Whenever I'm buying a new base, I ask from the shop if they have some samples that I can try at home. This way I can check if the color matches my skin in daylight. The shops' lights, no matter what they are (tungsten, LED, etc), always distort how the color looks on my skin.

I always swatch the colors to match my neck because my face is usually very light colored. I do acid peels almost every week to do to get rid of acne, and this lightens my skin tone. I swatched 4 colors from EM and Schrammek Blemish Balm in Honey.

With flash:
Without flash:

Light olive and golden medium are both too light. 
Olive medium blends in. This is the base I'll use.
Sandy olive is a bit too tan. I'll use it for shading.
Schrammek is too red.

And that's how I try to make sure I won't come off looking like a makeup catastrophe! :P

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