Water-based nail polishes

What are they?
Water-based nail polish is made with water so when you put it on your nails, the fumes that come off are basically water vapour. That's why water-based nail polish is virtually odor free! Water isn't toxic either (unless you drown in it or decide to drink at least 5 litres of water, which would take you to the hospital for a stomach lavage)!
Regular nail polish, on the other hand, is toxic (not that I recommend eating/drinking water based nail polish either). It has many bad ingredients that can cause, e.g. disruptions in your hormonal functions, infertility, cancer, brain dysfunctions, damage to your lungs, headaches, migraines and all sorts of awful stuff! Even though you might think that nail polish doesn't absorb through your nails, in my opinion it does. It makes your nails yellow and it dries them which can cause nails to be brittle etc. But I find nails polish fumes to be even more dangerous. They go straight into your lungs where they can either accumulate (which could lead to blocking some vital functions of your lungs) or absorb into your bloodstream. Lungs have sh*tloads of alveolis that multiply your lungs's surface area by probably billions, so that it's easier to exchange materials with your bloodstream. You see my point? :D 
Why is it better than regular nail polish?
- not toxic, even babies and pets can use it!
- environmental friendly (regular nail polish is toxic waste, just like wall paints)
- some brands come off with plain alcohol or after soaking in water
- if the polish thickens, just add a few drops of water, and you're good to go!
- doesn't smell bad
- no need for base coat because it doesn't make your nails yellow
- doesn't dry your nails (painting regular nail polish and removing it does dry your nails)
- not flammable

- water based nail polish doesn't work in water marbling, it's like mixing water colors with water
- you can't wash your hands for 20 minutes after you've put it on but it becomes "touch dry" after a few minutes 
- I found them to be really difficult to apply smoothly, almost always leaving an uneven surface
- usually quite thin consistency, needs 3 coats
- didn't last very long on my nails (without topcoat), some lasted only 2-3days, others did a little bit better with 5 days

So, if you're a conscious consumer, respect our planet and especially your own health, water based nail polish is your choice! 

In the next part, I'll review my water based nail polishes :) Stay tuned! 

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