Tutorial: Half-moon crab nails

I got the idea for these nails from my friend, a total Kirsten Dunst doppelganger. 
In Finland, it's crabbing time now, so we had a crab party at our summer cottage and I wanted my nails to match the occasion. ;)

I kind of ran out of daylight at the summer cottage, thus the fluctuation of quality in the pics :P

What you'll need:

  • acrylic colors: red, white and black (you can also use nail polish)
  • basecoat (Orly Nail Armor)
  • nail varnish, preferably something light colored like gold (Color Club Metamorphosis)
  • topcoat (INM Out the Door)
  • 2 brushes: a wider one for the body of the crab, a smaller one for the scissors (if you don't have any, you can also use a toothpick/pin)
  • dotting tool for the crab's pupils 


  1. Basecoat.
  2. Nail varnish. 
  3. Paint a half-moon body for the crab with a wider brush. If you chose a darker colored nail varnish, like I did, I suggest you paint the crab with white first, then red. Now I had to paint red over and over again like 5 times. 
  4. Paint scissors for the crab with a smaller brush. 
  5. Paint two white balls as the eyeballs. I was being a tad bit lazy and decided to skip lining the eyeballs with black. Black liner would really make the eyeballs pop out. If I had done this, I would first draw two black balls, then color them in with white. This, I find much easier than drawing with black around the whites.
  6. Draw two black pupils with the dotting tool. Unfortunately what happened with my nails was that it started to rain like crazy, I was in the main cabin whilst my dotting tool was left behind in the sauna cabin. That's why my crabs' pupils look a little blurry. :P
  7. Topcoat! And you're done! :D

And now I'd like to sing a little ode to my purrrrfect topcoat
INM Out the Door
4-free (doesn't smell bad)
does NOT shrink your polish
works on top of Konads
dries FAST!
(also available in hologram gold and silver)

Here's evidence! I put on my topcoat and immediately started working on my crabs. If you've ever eaten crabs, I bet you know how tough it is on your nails. If not, imagine really hard exterior through which you're trying to desperately cut through, whilst, of course, trying not to cut your own fingers, then the crab decides to spurt some juices into your eye, and of course you'll only end up cutting your own fingers, though, after all, there isn't even that much meat in a crab! Anyways, for such hard work and no dry time, I think my nails don't look bad at all! What do you think? :)

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